Leisure Diving

Planking is sooo last month!

The summer movies have been crappy – Hangover Two.  What is an upward-trending suburban teen or twenty-something to do at the end of the summer before heading back to school? I thought you’d never ask – Leisure Diving.  No, this is not what Charlie Sheen does off his bar stool but the new internet sensation sweeping the nation (not my words – I have it on good authority from the popular media).

You will need deep water, (preferably in mommy and daddy’s pool), a high-end camera that can take photos in continuous mode (again, preferably Mommy or Daddy’s so that you are not out-of-pocket when it goes in the pool), and perhaps some alcohol to give you creativity.  There you have it.  Now you are ready for leisure diving.  It even has its own website.

No worries about cat 2 Irene, Afghanistan, Libia, the Rugby World Cup, DSK or those pesky residence fees for this coming term.  Gather your well-heeled friends together and leisure dive Dude.

If you think that this craze is elitist you could be right.  See what happens when one of the un-initiated tries it out at the seashore instead of in the pool.

Do not worry too much, George Bernard Shaw said that youth is wasted on the young. Evidently youthful wasted pursuits are nothing new.


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