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Yesterday I went walking in the Nature Reserve with my dog Chester. This area is close to my home so I have the option of walking to the Reserve or taking a short drive to the entrance. I chose the latter. I was pressed for time and needed quick pick me up before I spent the afternoon volunteering at the Watershed Gallery.

I try to get into the Reserve as often a I can and in all types of weather. This particular day it was drizzling when I started and full-on raining when I got back to the car.  There had been some major wind storms in the last few days and so there was a fair bit of knock down in the area.  Nonetheless, it was a great time.

There is a system of boardwalks that surround and crisscross the wooded area on the east edge of the Burns Bog.

One of the things that I like about the Reserve is the changing tableau of textures, colours and plant life. Here are a few examples of what I saw yesterday.

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