A Road Story – Chapter Fifteen – Toe Hill

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Following our excursion on the water we arrived back in Queen Charlotte City and then drove most of the evening to Masset. We were meeting a new friend the next morning for a tour of the north end of Graham Island, which is the largest of the more than 150 islands making up Haida Gwaii.

We stayed at a local B&B and the next morning we met Jack Litrell, a resident of Masset and local photographer, videographer and lighting director. Jack has lived in the area for many years and is regularly employed by movie and television companies looking for local knowledge and expertise. As well, Jack knows most of the local Haida artisans and artists.

Jack Litrell

Jack pulled up outside our B&B early in the morning and we set off in his wonderful old Mercedes Benz, touring the north end of Graham Island.

One of the first stops was along the way to Toe Hill. We climbed on to an elevated plateau populated by evergreen trees and scrub. It was almost like a bog. What intrigued me was the windblown and deformed trees. They remind me of the vegetation around Georgian Bay. They were straight out of a Group of Seven painting.

The windswept plateau near Toe Hill on Graham Island.

We continued our tour and ended up on the ocean near to Toe Hill. This local landmark is a volcanic plug created when volcanic magma harden within a vent on an active volcano.

As we left the Toe Hill area we ran into Bill Woof a gentleman farmer from Ontario. Bill had been with us the day before on our boat trip around Louise Island and we struck up an informal friendship and discovered that we had a friend/acquaintance (who shall remain nameless at this point) in Ontario.

Bill Woof was and is a most engaging fellow with a great sense of humour. He was traveling on his own and so we asked him to tag along on our tour.



From Toe Hill we went back to Masset and picked up Jack’s boat. He had a magical afternoon planned for us.

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