A Road Story – Chapter Seventeen – Artists and Artisans

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Reg Davidson

REG DAVIDSON is a member of the Eagle Clan and he has been carving since 1972. His carving shed is in Old Masset. His works include limited edition prints, silver and gold jewellery, masks, helmets, large poles, rattles, argillite sculptures and drums. Reg is also an accomplished singer and dancer with the Rainbow Creek Dancers, a Haida Dance group formed in 1980 by Reg and his brother Robert. [compliments http://www.regdavidson.com/Biography.htm%5D

Reg’s family photo collection.

Reg’s family photos are posted on a wall in his carving shed, not hidden away in albums. Reg says that this way he can look up while he is working and be reminded of his heritage and his influences.

Reg Davidson and a work in progress.
Reg first draws the plans for the totem and then transfers them to the cedar log.
A close up of the work..
April White

APRIL WHITE is a member of the Eagle Clan and was born on Haida Gwaii. She is related to many of the outstanding artists living and working in the area. Although April works in many areas, she is particularly drawn to water colours and she has won many international awards in this medium.

Killer Whale – a painting by April White.

CHRISTIAN WHITE is April’s cousin and he also works in many different art forms. He is a well known and respected sculptor of argillite. He also works in wood, gold, silver and ivory. Some of his projects are very large totems and canoes. Christian believes in mentoring young artists and preserving the traditional Haida art forms.

Christian White in his studio with an argillite sculpture in progress.
Christian in his carving shed beside one of his canoes.
Christian with a hand carved traditional Haida ceremonial mask.
Sherry Dick

SHERRY DICK is a traditional Haida weaver living and working in Old Masset.

Sherri Dick weaving a Chilkat Chief’s robe from a design by Mick Morrison.
A close up shot of Sherri’s work.

These artists and many others live and work on Haida Gwaii. If you are planning a trip to the area it is well worth your time to visit their studios and take the time to speak with them about their art and heritage.

My profound thanks to Jack Litrell for introducing me to his friends and to all of them in turn who helped me understand their culture and true history.

Jack Litrell and the gift of Chanterelles.


This then ends the book on A ROAD STORY. It was three weeks of adventure, discovery, learning and laughing. Thank you for coming along on the drive and thank you for your patience.

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