Time to go. All packed up and ready to leave.

One last look out the back door.

It would take us about 3.5 hours to get from Tofino to the ferry terminal at Duke Point just south of Nanaimo.

Along the way we passed through 

Port Alberni,

Cathedral Grove,




we were early for the ferry at Duke Point so we stopped in at


We had been there many times before all year round and it is one of our favourites. It never disappoints. 

Reputed to be an authentic British Pub, I wouldn’t know, but if so then Bully!

The food is great, lots on tap and local craft beers. 

Plenty of parking but you may have to wait to be seated on weekends. STAY! It’s worth it and in fair weather you don’t sit on a patio you sit in the garden.

After lunch we continued to Duke Point, boarded the ferry and made the two hour crossing to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal on the mainland.

It was a short but relaxing holiday. We will certainly make the trip again.

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