A Second Beginning

Several months (years?) ago I thought I might like to escape the restrictions of my chosen method of social networking and start a blog.  So I did! I set it up and then turned my mind to some content.  Therein lay the problem…  I really didn’t have much to say beyond 140 characters.  It has taken me this long to get used to the idea that the only way to get this off the ground was to jump in and start mouthing off.

I can’t promise that the posts will be insightful, but they will reflect the discoveries, opinions and musings of a career professional who is trying to develop an artistic bent.

At present my main interest is photography and so I will use this forum to re-post content, offer some original observations and post some of my images.  The banner above is a photo I took at Brunswick Point at the extreme southern end of River Road in Delta, B.C.

I invite you to check in from time to time to see what is happening on the leftCoast and hopefully this journey will be rewarding in some small way.


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