SPOILER ALERT!!! This is not an upbeat post.


I saw a Facebook post this morning that stopped me in my tracks. A friend asked that we all pause for a moment and think about those we know who have fought cancer and died, fought and survived and who are still fighting.

Not your typical Facebook fare.

But it made me pause… and think… and remember.

I know and have known people who fit into all three of the above categories and I am sure that you do and have as well.

This tells me that this widespread, insidious disease is indiscriminate and pervasive in our modern world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other diseases and conditions that are equally serious, indiscriminate and prevalent, but is there another that has touched almost each and every one of us in some way… a relative, friend or acquaintance?

Therefore, please take a moment and remember, appreciate and reach out to those in your life who are dealing with cancer. In their honour write a cheque, drop off some cash or volunteer at a local cancer agency or foundation in your community.

Thank you Shawn.

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