Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.

This weekend I went to an annual pot luck BBQ hosted by some long time (I don’t want to say old) friends.  There were about ten of us and we have probably known each other for close to twenty-five years.

I look forward to this event and find it comforting.  It really does not matter how our personal lives have changed for better or worse over the last year; when we come together it is as if we have not been apart.  Later in the evening someone said that with this group there is an ease of conversation.  We have common experiences in the past that unite us and we easily slip into that relationship despite recent events that have changed our own lives quite dramatically.

The shared food was outstanding – perhaps better this year than ever before.

I went intending to take photos to record the event (and perhaps put into this post) but as the evening progressed I knew that it would be intrusive to the conversation and good fellowship.  Therefore I have only these meagre offerings.

But you know what?… that makes it all the more special.

Thanks to our hosts for a wonderful evening.

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