A Road Story – Chapter Six – Lake Louise

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Victoria Glacier and Lake Louise viewed from the ski area across the Bow River Valley.

If you go to the Canadian Rockies make sure that you visit the Lake Louise area.  We travelled north from Banff for about 45 minutes to ride the chairlift up the mountain at the Lake Louise Ski Area.

As we drove west on the Trans Canada Highway we saw the animal overpassesthat have recently been constructed to help avoid animal/vehicle collisions.

Driving north from Banff to Lake Louise you see the wildlife overpasses along the road.







It was a beautiful day and along the way the mountain views were magnificent.











Riding the chairlift with a view of the upper mountain.


During summer months the resort offers visitors a ride part way up the ski area for hiking and viewing opportunities.






View from the parking lot at Lake Louise of the lower chalet with the ski area and lifts in the background.
















Once at the top the view is unparalleled.





and of course the ride down the chairlift has its vistas as well.

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