The Morning Walk

Each day I get up early and head out the door for a walk. The distance is typically 5 to 7 km, 6 days a week. I mostly listen to podcasts and run on automatic – oblivious to my surroundings.

Today was different.

I looked around and here is what I saw…

and this…

and these guys…

Great eh?

You know, this stopping from time to time and looking around might be a good idea.

I think I will try to do more of that.

About leftCoast Reflections

Peter Buxton - husband, father, photographer, skier, kayaker and sometime cook.
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2 Responses to The Morning Walk

  1. Chris says:

    Glad you “see” the beauty around you. But I now wonder if you’re not tripping on some of that 70’s leftover drugs though. Far out man…

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