On our arrival in Avignon in the south of France we were met at the train station by our good friend Hugh. We rented a car and then followed him east to his beautiful home in the country west of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Hugh and his wife Margo have lived in Europe for about 20 years. Their home is situated in a rural setting surrounded by olive groves and fruit orchards. Vera and I thoroughly enjoyed their warm hospitality and local knowledge.

During our stay the temperature in Provence during the day was 25 – 30 degrees Celsius and the nights would cool down to about 16 degrees. We noticed that the winds were strong but my friend Hugh said that they were not yet the typical Mistral winds that blow out of the Rhone River valley.

On the day following our arrival, Hugh took us to a market in the town of Saint Remy-de-Provence. Weekly local markets are a staple in Provence, providing the locals with the much need daily staples of food and produce. As well they are a significant draw for tourists like us who can gain some insight into local customs and lifestyle. On the day we visited the market was very crowded, even though technically the summer tourist season had passed.

More on the market in the next installment.

2 Replies to “2018 EUROPEAN ROAD TRIP – DAY 3”

  1. Hugh and Margo seem to be very good friends with you two.

    Was Hugh a Jasper resident? Very nice if them to take you to the local market and explain the local fruit, veggies and customs. Vera did they have any fresh Peas for Peter? Lol!

    I’m thinking it must be mouth watering and delicious to have fresh food at every meal. I could retire there, but first the lottery.

    I read about the Mistral Winds in the last book I read. They can be quite dramatic and sometimes last a couple of weeks or a month.

    Are Hugh and Margo completely retired in France. They must have worked hard and saved diligently.

    To let you know I’m still at Patti’s house. I overdid it one day last week and paid for it with excruciating pain. This delayed me moving back to my apartment until this Wednesday I believe.

    Patti is being a perfect hostess and giver of good advice. Walk, eat and rest.

    With that I’ll say goodnight.


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