Some random photos of the market.

4 Replies to “2018 EUROPEAN ROAD TRIP – DAY 4”

  1. Peter and Vera,

    Thank you for sending the blog with beautiful pictures.

    I don’t what many of the market stands are selling, however I do think the 4th? picture was selling big bars of soap.

    The architecture of the everyday buildings seemed very functional with a sense of charm.

    The bicycle leaning against the wall blew me away. How simple if you live there to just hop on your bike to get some staple or other. Why do we need to jump in a car to go approximately the same distance.

    In Hamilton we are trying to have rental bikes all over the city. They’re not there yet, give them a couple of years and we will be pedestrian and bicycle compliant.

    When I am well this will be good for me.

    Adieu for now and merci!


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  2. Bonjour mes amis! I enjoyed looking at your photos. I love those markets in France. Have a wonderful & safe trip. 🙂

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