Walking out from the office for lunch - almost cartoonish - iPhone 4 with Camera+ app
Lilies in bloom at home - iPhone 4 with Camera+ app
Natural juxtaposition in the backyard - Nikon D300, 300 mm, f 5.6, 1/60 sec, then back into the iPhone 4 and Camera+ app

I am sensing a pattern here.

Focusing on the Ford - iPhone 4 with Camera+ app

That’s better.

In the future I hope to reflect back at the end of every week and post some of the images taken during that week.  I will try to include metadata such as the camera used, focal length, speed and aperture if available.  I will also try to remember the apps that I applied to those photos taken with my iPhone 4 camera.

I welcome your constructive comments and suggestions for future posts.

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