Three Days of Peace and Music

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Forgive the title, I am not talking about up-state New York but somewhere not too far away.

I want to share with you a little music history and some current news about my friends Bill and Jennifer Hughes.

First the history: Some of my friends from Aldershot High School in Burlington, Ontario started a band named The Brass Union. They were music gods in the eyes of their fellow students and they became popular in Central Canada and the adjoining states. The band had a roady named Bill Hughes.

This is Bill today.

In July 2010 Bill and Jennifer (she’s the brains of the operation) held a Brass Re-Union on their farm in Peterborough, Ontario. They set up a performance area and invited the members of the band, management, their families, The Powerhouse Band (which features former Brass Union members) Ronnie Hawkins, other friends and one very honoured leftCoast resident and his wife for three days of peace and music.

This is the farm.
This is the house.

I have to pause here to say that not only was Jennifer central to the organization of this little shindig, she did it all on one leg having recently fractured her other one.

See Jennifer hiding her crutches.

Back to our story: Bill is an accomplished musician in his own right

See Bill play.
See Jennifer hangin' with The Hawk.

Here’s an article about the Brass Union back in the day.

And here is a photo of the band members at the Brass Re-Union.

The Boys in the Band

On the third day those left standing gathered for a group photo on the lawn:

The survivors

Now to the current news and the reason for this post:

This weekend Bill and Jennifer are playing hosts once again to many of the same people in order to celebrate Bill’s birthday. Once again this leftCoaster was invited to attend, but unfortunately it is too far and there is too little time.

So – I offer this post as a small gift to Bill in recognition of his special day.


The End

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